Watch Snail Mail Talk Old Bay Seasoning, Godspell, & Tegan & Sara In Nardwuar Interview

Last year, badass teenage songwriter Lindsey Jordan, known to most of us as Snail Mail, emerged from the suburban hinterlands outside of Baltimore and released Lush, one the best debut albums we’ve heard in a dog’s age. And now Jordan has gone through a crucial rising-star rite of passage and done an interview with Nardwuar.

One of the great things about Nardwuar interviews is seeing the artists get completely shocked when Nardwuar dredges up random artifacts from an artist’s past. Jordan is young enough that she doesn’t have that much of a past, and yet Nardwuar still managed to delight her with some real deep cuts. For instance: Nardwuar knew that Jordan, at 14, worked as a security guard at the Columbia, Maryland institution Merriwether Post Pavilion (“I wasn’t… a narc.”) He also got Jordan to talk about playing in a pit orchestra during a Godspell production, growing up on Fiona Apple and Tegan & Sara, and the fact that her mother owns a bra store called Bra La La.

As a native of those very same Baltimore hinterlands, I have to tell you, it is a whole hell of a lot of fun to hear that slight accent and those familiar speech rhythms in a Nardwuar interview. (My high school was one high school over from Jordan’s, though I graduated the year before she was born.) And so it rules to hear her taking about Old Bay Seasoning and DC hardcore. Here’s the video:

Lush is out now on Matador.