Flying Fish Cove – “Johnny Paper” (Feat. Greta Kline) Video

Flying Fish Cove – “Johnny Paper” (Feat. Greta Kline) Video

In anticipation for the release of their debut album, nascent Seattle four-piece Flying Fish Cove brought in some major reinforcements for their lead single: Greta Kline AKA Frankie Cosmos.

The indie-pop foursome, comprising Dena Zilber, Chris McFarlane, Jake Jones, and Sean Canfield, released a self-titled EP last year. Their Bandcamp description reads: “Think magic, unicorns, prism power, Moomin.” While there’s definitely an element of magical enchantment with their music, it manifests in a way that also feels nostalgic.

This comes through clearly on “Johnny Paper,” the album’s opening track and lead single, which features guest vocals from Kline. It opens with a few discordant xylophone trills, and then rips directly into a funky bass line that appears throughout. A pastoral melody on the flute pairs nicely with Kline and Zilber’s ambient and almost childlike vocals, making this track feel like a warm and fuzzy memory from those elementary playground days. The otherwise confident tone of this song is undercut with self-doubting lyrics, such as “Cuz they think I’m a bad joke/And when they call me crazy/I tell you they’re wrong/Though I would say the same.” This combination really works to deliver that daydreamy feeling of being torn between the past and present, but also being OK with that.

Here’s Zilber with more:

This song is about the many kinds of pieces of nostalgic feeling that mean everything and nothing to me, reveling in them, and the poetic rush of magic they can bring- as well as touching upon the darker side not being able to fully connect to others- or open up your heart yet. The title of the song is a reference to “Jackie Paper” from Puff The Magic Dragon. Growing up, I was obsessed with the ’70s cartoon movie I had, about a boy who travels with a magic dragon to find himself and his imagination.

Below, watch the “Johnny Paper” video, directed by Zilber.

01 “Johnny Paper”
02 “Sleight Of Hand”
03 “Blow A Candle”
04 “Manticore”
05 “Bob _ Sylvie”
06 “Cammy The Camry”
07 “Dangerous Words”
08 “Pony Bracelet”
09 “Home Sweet Home”
10 “Lunar Tropical”
11 “So Slowly”
12 “Belladonna”

At Moonset is out 4/5 on Help Yourself Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Dan Bracaglia

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