And The Kids – “Butterfingers”

Massachusetts indie rockers And The Kids have a new album called When This Life Is Over later this month, and the advance singles have been really good! Almost as good as the album cover. “Champagne Ladies” and “No Way Sit Back” were just ridiculously hooky, with singer Hannah Mohan pushing her voice to dazzling heights against backdrops that managed to be punchy and lush all at once.

“Butterfingers” continues that trend. This thing gently pirouettes through the air as if orchestrated by divine power, while Mohan again delivers the melodic goods in service of nagging self-doubt: “I might be alone ever after/ That’s why I sing loud, hoping we could drown it out.” She tells Brooklyn Vegan it’s a song “about society’s restraints and boundaries. It’s about people who take different paths and the judgement placed on both sides, not only judgement from the society but from ourselves as well. It’s about trying to drown out self doubt.”

Listen below.

When This Life Is Over is out 2/22 on Signature Sounds.

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