Patio – “Boy Scout”

Patio – “Boy Scout”

In 2016, Patio released their debut EP, Luxury, and since then they’ve become a fixture in the New York DIY scene, a reliably great opener that writes songs that feel nervy and immediate. In April, they’re putting out their debut album, Essentials. Its lead single “Boy Scout” is a good example of the slicing directness that the band is capable of.

Most of it’s delivered in a dead-eyed monotone about feeling listless and disconnected from everyone around them. There’s callbacks to the music that bred them — “I think I’m gonna go home and listen to Washer/ Instead of spending any more time with you” — and on the margins of all that the band locks into an insistent groove, cutting through each interior revelation.

Listen below.

01 “Split”
02 “Endgame”
03 “Boy Scout”
04 “Scum”
05 “Vile Bodies”
06 “No Time”
07 “Open”
08 “New Reality”
09 “Reality Testing”
10 “Legacy Continued”

Essentials is out 4/5 via Fire Talk Records. Pre-order it here.

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