Rain Phoenix – “Time Is The Killer” (Feat. Michael Stipe) Video

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of actor River Phoenix’s death. In remembrance and commemoration, his sister Rain Phoenix has released Time Gone, a collection of music the two wrote together for their alt-rock band Aleka’s Attic. The release was announced back in January with a teaser video featuring footage of the Phoenix family. The album includes two unreleased Aleka’s Attic tracks — “Where I’d Gone” and “Scales & Fishnails” — as well as a new Rain Phoneix song called “Time Is The Killer,” which features vocals from Michael Stipe and is out today.

Speaking about the newly uncovered Aleka’s Attic tracks and reflecting on River’s legacy, Rain said that she hopes to honor her brother by showing the world his talents as a musician:

It’s so hard to believe he’s been gone for 25 years. It really made me think about the construct of time, how we create it to make sense of things, and how especially with grief, it never really snaps to a grid. That said, a quarter of a century has a definite weight to it and I felt compelled and guided to share River the musician, with the world.

On “Time Is The Killer,” Rain laments time’s tendency to erode bonds. With Stipe’s help, the morose song is uplifted by bittersweet harmonies as the two sing: “Time is the mirror/ Time is the healer/ Time is the teacher/ Time is the killer.”

Watch a video directed by Bobby Bukowski and Bradley Gregg below.

Time Gone is out 2/14 via Kro Records/Launch Left. Pre-order it here.