Honey Oat – “A Stranger Spring”

Honey Oat are an absurdly effervescent jazz act hailing from Seattle. Today they’re releasing a single titled “A Stranger Spring,” their first release with the Astro Nautico label. The duo comprises Gabe Stout and Janak JP, and their Honey Oat LP is expected next month.

The first half of “A Stranger Spring” feels like a more upbeat and chaotic, but somehow condensed, take on “Aja” by Steely Dan. A sparkly glissando on the Wurlitzer provides a seemingly organic cusp for the quivering yet confident vocals found on this track. The second half abruptly slides in with a tempo transition, as the whirling tune slows up and relies more heavily on a steadier 808-like beat that’s completely absent from the first portion.

Listen to “A Stranger Spring” below.

01 “A Stranger Spring”
02 “Loopspool”
03 “Feels Like Feeling”
04 “Wonder In Sights”
05 “Peach Cobbler”
06 “LNB”
07 “BOP”
08 “Lizard Brain”
09 “Diorama Theme”
10 “A Small Piece Of String”
11 “Wallpaint”
12 “Buried Treasure”

Honey Oat is out 3/15 on Astro Nautico.

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