Haram – “(الحل (المقاومة The Solution (Is Resistance)”

Most punk bands don’t actually risk anything when they make political music. But that’s not the case for Nader Haram, frontman of the New York hardcore band Haram. Neder Haram, who is Lebanese-American, sings in Arabic. And even though he’s the furthest thing from an Islamic extremist, that simple fact has gotten Haram interrogated by the FBI and the NYPD.

But Haram have kept thundering on, making fast and blistering punk rock that, with its very existence, goes hard against the forces keeping so many people down in this country and abroad. Haram released their full-length debut When You Have Won, You Have Lost in 2017. (Sample song title: “Not A Terrorist.”) And now they’ve come out with a new ripper called “”(الحل (المقاومة The Solution (Is Resistance).” It came out yesterday as part of the Adult Swim Singles series, and you can hear it below.

There’s a new Haram EP coming out in March on Toxic State Records.

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