Offset Announces Album Release With A Video Of Cardi B Giving Birth

Cardi B and Offset seem to be back together. The married couple, who went through a public breakup back in December, went to the Grammys together last night. They tongued each other down on the red carpet, which was certainly some kind of statement. When Cardi won Best Rap Album, she brought Offset up onstage with her. The single best reaction shot of the entire night was Offset looking extremely horny — like, Tex Avery cartoon wolf-level horny — when Cardi was performing. And it did not take Offset long to exploit his new changing relationship status for financial gain.

Last year, Offset was slated to release his solo debut. The other two members of Migos had released their own solo albums — both were butt — and Offset released the lead single “Red Room.” But the album never came out. During the Grammys, Offset’s Quality Control label tweeted a trailer for the as-yet-untitled Offset album, now due later this month, and for the accompanying documentary. And this looks like it’ll be a pretty revealing documentary!

There’s music in the trailer, but it’s moody film-score music, not Offset music. In the trailer, we see Offset onstage, counting money, and hanging out with one of his other kids. And we see Cardi B in the delivery room, screaming, as the camera pans to Offset, tucked off in the background, making one of the oh shit, holy shit faces that every new father knows very well. Here it is:

Offset’s as-yet-untitled solo album and the accompanying documentary are both due 2/22. It was extremely nice of Cardi to let her husband’s record label’s cameraman into her delivery room.

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