St. Vincent – “Masseduction” Video

One of the unquestionable highlights of last nights Grammy Awards was the unlikely spectacle of St. Vincent and Dua Lipa, styled to look just like each other and showing way more chemistry than you’d ever expect from a thrown-together Grammy performance, twining each other’s respective songs “Masseduction” and “One Kiss” together. This was the capper for a big night for St. Vincent. Before the televised show, she’d also won Best Rock Song for “Masseduction,” and her 2017 album MASSEDUCTION had taken home Best Recording Package. And while all this was happening, St. Vincent also dropped a new “Masseduction” video on the world.

Within the annals of St. Vincent videos, “Masseduction” belongs to the more surreal wing. The video works as a meditation on apocalyptic imagery. St. Vincent lip-syncs while wearing a hat that looks like hands encircling her face, as black-and-white footage of atomic explosions runs behind her. And we also see faceless, featureless, red-wigged dancers moving in front of those mushroom clouds.

Keep in mind: St. Vincent may have just found the biggest audience of her career. And so it’s pretty cool that she followed it immediately by throwing any new fans into the deep end with this weird, unsettling video. It’s not one of her best clips, but it does a nice job exposing any newly interested parties to her whole deal. Check it out below.

MASSEDUCTION is out now on Loma Vista.

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