It’s been five years since La Dispute, the clangy Michigan post-hardcore expressionists, released Rooms Of The House, their last album, so the existence of a new La Dispute album is reason to be excited. Next month, they’ll return with the new LP Panorama, their first for new label Epitaph. We’ve already posted their videos for the early singles “ROSE QUARTZ / FULTON STREET I” and “FOOTSTEPS AT THE POND.” And today, they’ve shared another new song called “RHODONITE AND GRIEF.”

Like the previous singles “RHODONITE AND GRIEF” makes great use of the band’s dynamics. Frontman Jordan Dreyer starts out muttering to himself in the disconsolate spoken-word delivery that’s become one of the band’s trademarks. But the song builds and builds, weaving in flattened-out horns and tingly guitars. And pretty soon, they’ve arrived at a tidal crush of anguish.

Simply put, there’s just not a lot of music like this out there these days. A song like “RHODONITE AND GRIEF” has the feverish intensity of basement hardcore, but it also has the tingly grandeur of some of the best, most ambitious ’90s indie rock. That’s a potent combination, and you can hear it at work below.

Panorama is out 3/22 via Epitaph. Pre-order it here.

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