American Pleasure Club – “the miserable vision”

Next month, American Pleasure Club are putting out fucking bliss, an album that was originally recorded in 2015 but is just now seeing an official release. We’ve heard “what kind of love?” from it already, and today the Sam Ray-led project is sharing another new track, album opener “the miserable vision.” It starts with ghostly looping vocals, lulling you into a false sense of security before breaking into a scourge of staticky noise on the back half. In a note to Brooklyn Vegan, Ray had this to say about the track:

This track is the opening to the album, and one of the most important pieces of it, I guess, so much as you can understand & map out this record as a fluid work. The lyrics, especially – like, the song & thus album, opens with these lines “every year on the same day / they’ve declared it a holiday / let’s light some trees on fire / in love with the miserable vision” that’s very important to it all, and to understanding and i guess in that sense, then, falling in love with it. “i need your cum in my life / i love you like heaven / your taste sets me on fire / in love with the miserable vision” it’s kind of the skeleton key to it all or whatever. maybe. thanks.

Listen below.

fucking bliss is out 3/29 via Run For Cover. Pre-order it here.