Versing – “Tethered” Video

Versing – “Tethered” Video

Versing play a loose, appealingly spiky form of indie rock with approachable melodies and a few squalls of dissonant guitar noise thrown in for good measure. The Seattle quartet met at University Of Puget Sound’s college radio station and released their debut full-length, Nirvana, a few years later in 2017. Now, after signing to Sub Pop sister label Hardly Art and sharing the affluenza teen-inspired “Silver Dollar” last year, they’re getting ready to release another album.

That album, 10000, will be out in May. Its 13 songs double as “critiques of centrism and conservatism, from a leftist perspective,” says frontman Daniel Salas. “That’s a theme: committing to something or doing something that may be hard but is the better option. However, when I write politically, it’s more allegorical and can be interpreted beyond the political realm. I find that more interesting to write about than my personal life.”

Today, Versing are sharing lead single “Tethered,” a surging post-punk churn driven by the half-spoken chant “We’re tied together/ Tied together/ Tied together.” Salas says, “It’s a reminder of the interconnectedness of humans, to people who make excuses for not doing the right thing.” Listen and watch the Gordon De Los Santos-directed music video, which bathes the band in deep blue and red light, below.

01 “Entryism”
02 “Offering”
03 “Tethered”
04 “Violeta”
05 “By Design”
06 “Vestibule”
07 “In Mind”
08 “Long Chord”
09 “3D”
10 “Sated”
11 “Survivalist”
12 “Loving Myself”
13 “Renew”


10000 is out 5/3 on Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Gordon De Los Santos

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