Here Is A Funny Story About Cardi B And Tom Petty

Here Is A Funny Story About Cardi B And Tom Petty

We all remember our first Grammy victory: the rush of pride and awe, the deceptively tricky walk through the crowd, the awkward handshake with, like, Luke Bryan, the bright glare of the camera, the sudden overcoming by years of memories of unseen hard work and self-doubt, etc. It can be overwhelming as we all know from experience. So, it’s easy to relate to Cardi B’s Instagram Story on Sunday wherein she thanked an admirer, whom she thought for a moment was Tom Petty, for sending her congratulatory flowers with a note quoting the 1996 song “Walls (Circus)” by Tom Petty.

The congratulator in question pulled from the song’s hook: “You’ve got a heart so big it could crush this town.” We don’t see the flowers in frame, but they seem lovely from Cardi’s description. “Thank you Tom Petty for the flowers,” she said, audibly excited. “I left the room but, um, and the flowers were very big. I want to say thank you so much and this is such a beautiful note. Motherfuckers love me, bro.”

Of course, Petty died in October 2017 of an accidental overdose at the age of 66, and while we don’t know who sent the flowers, thereby leaving the theoretical possibility that the rock icon anticipated Cardi’s breakthrough and, being a longtime fan, prescribed the future gift in his will, it’s more likely the gifter simply found Petty’s lyric applicable to Cardi’s bubbly personality. But as we all remember from going through it ourselves, your thoughts are all over the place when you’re awarded Best Rap Album on music’s biggest night, and some things slip your mind.

Watch Cardi B thank Tom Petty for flowers below.

This story originally appeared on Spin.

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