Watch Kurt Vile Play “Yeah Bones” On Seth Meyers

Kurt Vile and Seth Meyers seem like they have a lot in common. They’re both funny guys. They both seem like they’d be decent hangs. They both have pretty good cheekbone situations going. Former President Barack Obama seems to be pretty fond of both of them. (Obama famously did his best Correspondents Dinner roast with Meyers, and he put Vile’s “One Trick Ponies” on his list of his favorite songs from last year.) And last night, Vile and Meyers came together, with Vile doing musical-guest duties on Late Night With Seth Meyers. I wonder if they hung out in the green room! Probably not!

On Meyers’ show, Vile played “Yeah Bones,” a slightly oblique jam from last year’s Bottle It In album. That’s a weird song, with a jam-band riff that never quite coheres. It’s a deep cut from the album, so maybe it’s an odd choice for Vile to trot out to a late-night audience who might be unfamiliar with his charms. But Vile made it work anyway.

Vile has been an absolute touring machine lately, so maybe he can just turn his whole vibe on and off at will. He turned it on last night, bringing such a strong dose of his whole deadpan-stoner sensibility that it came through the TV cameras. Check out the performance below.

Bottle It In is out now on Matador.