Tamaryn – “Angels Of Sweat” Video

New Zealand-born singer-songwriter Tamaryn’s new album, Dreaming The Dark, is out next month. It’s her first full-length since 2015’s Cranekiss and is produced by and co-written with frequent collaborator Jorge Elbrecht. So far, we’ve heard the gloomy, shoegazey lead single, “Fists Of Rage.” Today, she shares “Angels of Sweat,” along with a self-directed music video.

In all its synth-pop theatrics, “Angels of Sweat” is shamelessly ’80s. Her voice soars with dramatic flair: “Embrace your desire, Lived so many lives / It’s already night.” The video is the second part of Tamaryn’s “archetype dramas” series. Her character, The Moon, is “the biggest diva in the sky,” a statement notes. She aims to trick and confuse her counterparts, Death and the Minor Arcana. Watch and listen below.

Dreaming The Dark is out 3/22 via DERO Arcade. Pre-order it here.

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