Stream Fried Egg’s New Album Square One

As someone who lives in Central Virginia and who likes going to punk shows, I have a whole lot of time for local DIY-hardcore heroes Fried Egg, who play pretty much every show around these parts and who probably book most of them. Fried Egg, the Richmond/Charlottesville band, play frantic and rudimentary hardcore with the sort of severe, feverish intensity that makes old songs sound new. Over the years, they’ve released a few things, like 2017’s Back And Forth EP, but they’re just now getting around to releasing their first full-length album. It’s called Square One, and it’s a bracing blast of ire. We’ve posted the early song “Apraxia,” but the whole album is out now, and you can (and should) listen to it below.

Square One is out now on Feel It Records.

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