Offset – “Quarter Milli” (Feat. Gucci Mane) Video

Lots of rap videos use gangster movies for inspiration. But not too many rap videos go all the way back to the old-timey gangster movies of the ’30s — Public Enemy, Little Caesar, Angels With Dirty Faces, the original Scarface — or even to the ’30s-set period pieces like Bonnie & Clyde or Michael Mann’s Public Enemies. So it’s sort of fun to see Offset and Gucci Mane going all the way back to Depression-era suits and tommy guns in the video for Offset’s “Quarter Milli.”

Last week, Offset became the third and final member of the Migos to release a solo album. His Father Of 4 is easily the best of the recent Migos solo albums, though it’s still a slightly numbing descent into an overexposed sound. That album has already yielded one great video, with a “Red Room” trip that works as a cinematic trip through one man’s traumatic memories. The “Quarter Milli” video is a whole lot goofier than that one.

In the “Quarter Milli” clip, which Offset co-directed with Joseph Desrosiers Jr., Offset and guest rapper Gucci Mane hold up an old bank and still have time to celebrate and rap on the steps before making their getaway. (Maybe police-response times were a lot slower back then.) The clip starts out looking like a newsreel, and it seems to have been shot on the sort of backlot movie set that you see when you take a Universal Studios tour. Check it out below.

Father Of 4 is out now on Quality Control/Motown/Capitol.