Kevin Morby – “No Halo” Video

Kevin Morby – “No Halo” Video

It’s been a bit since Kevin Morby’s one-two pairing of 2016’s Singing Saw and 2017’s City Music, which has given the musician some time to really dig deep into his next one, for what sounds like his most ambitious project yet. Morby describes his new album, Oh My God, as a concept album about religion and the ways that, even among non-believers, spirituality tends to enter the picture. As he expounds in a press release:

Religion is around all of us. It’s a universal language and there is profound beauty in it. I’ve found it a useful tool within songwriting, as it’s something everyone can relate to on some level. There are religious themes or imagery in a lot of what I’ve done, so I wanted to get all of that out and speak only that language for a whole record. It’s not a born-again thing; it’s more that ‘oh my god’ is such a profound statement we all use multiple times a day and means so many different things. It’s not about an actual god but a perceived one, and it’s an outsider’s view of the human experience in terms of religion.

Lead single “No Halo” is about the light inside that dims as you get older, but it keeps a sense of playfulness, with handclaps and swirling horns and a count-up, countdown chorus that feels like it’s marching towards oblivion. The song comes attached to a video directed by Chris Good, one section of a larger series of videos that’ll come out down the line, where Morby travels through a series of surrealistic settings.

Watch and listen below.

01 “Oh My God”
02 “No Halo”
03 “Nothing Sacred / All Things Wild”
04 “OMG Rock n Roll”
05 “Seven Devils”
06 “Hail Mary”
07 “Piss River”
08 “Savannah”
09 “Storm (Beneath The Weather)”
10 “Congratulations”
11 “I Want To Be Clean”
12 “Sing A Glad Song”
13 “Ballad Of Faye”
14 “O Behold”

Oh My God is out 4/26 via Dead Oceans. Pre-order it here.

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