Moog’s Gallery

this is how listening to animal collective makes god feelJust in time to counter the lameness of the official Moog track suit, it’s Moog Break-Beats, an album’s worth of “out-of-print vinyl” from rock’s awkward and brainy college years, post-guitar and pre-turntable. Highlights include some early Herbie Hancock, the song the Beastie Boys sampled for “Intergalactic,” and some dirty, dirty sounds from The Zeet Band’s “Moogie Woogie”. Yeah, “Moogie Woogie” … even then, Bob Moog (rhymes with “Pogue”) couldn’t get people to pronounce his name right. (via Music Thing)

(Also, it’d be wrong to link to M-1 on Haalllloowweeeenn and not give a little love to Son of Monster Mash, a collection of Halloween-themed mashups. Nothing named “Halloween with Morrissey” could be bad.)