Stream Blu & Oh No’s New Album A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Summer Night

Blu, from Los Angeles, and Oh No, from Oxnard, are both longtime veterans of the West Coast rap underground. They’ve both had triumphs and dry stretches, and now they’ve come together on a new collaborative album called A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Summer Night. Blu is a sharp, thoughtful rapper with a punchy, off-kilter flow, and Oh No is a concussive, psychedelic producer. They’re a great pair, and the new album is shows off the kind of thing they can do.

A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Summer Night is a sort of concept album about the everyday people caught up in underworld life in LA. It’s full of sensationalized crime stories, murders and robberies and trials. But it’s also charged with day-to-day stress and struggles, and it gets deep into the idea of what it’s life when your life is constantly dangerous and unstable.

The album also sounds great, with its tingly and cluttered beats and its deep bench of LA-underground guest rappers, including legends like Freestyle Fellowship’s Self Jupiter and Project Blowed’s Abstract Rude, as well as Blu contemporaries like MED and Ca$hus King. We’ve already posted early tracks “The Lost Angels Anthem” and “Pop Shots,” and now you can stream the whole album below.

A Long Red Hot Los Angeles Summer Night is out now on Nature Sounds.

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