Straight To Video

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The Jonas Brothers and the New Kids On The Block both have reunion videos out today. We are living in our own collective past. This week’s picks are below.

5. Stella Donnelly – “Tricks” (Dir. Nick Mckk & Julia Jacklin)

It takes a rare talent to dance goofily while also radiating total exhaustion. Stella Donnelly is a talented person.

4. Brutus – “Cemetery” (Dir. Mitch Wells)

The problem with a whole lot of recent rock music is that you can’t dance to it. And you can’t really dance to “Cemetery,” either, but this handsome and muscular joker is here to convince you otherwise.

3. Sinkane – “Everybody” (Dir. Bruno Ferreira)

If you have the option of shooting your music video at a Brazilian samba school, you should really do that.

2. PUP – “Free At Last” (Dir. “PUP and Jeremy and also Amanda”)

Once again, PUP have taken a silly idea and transformed it into an absurd and entertaining music video. This is their superpower. The ending of this one is just delightful.

1. J. Cole – “Middle Child” (Dir. Mez)

Cole lounging under the wall-mounted heads of his decapitated rap peers: A real Game Of Thrones power move. Doing muddy donuts in a Bentley is pretty good, too.