bbymutha – “Dragon”

bbymutha – “Dragon”

The sex-positive, Osteen-averse Chattanooga rapper bbymutha put on one of our favorite sets of last year’s SXSW, so we booked her for our upcoming Range Life party in Austin that coincides with this year’s SXSW festivities. When you’re there, expect to hear the excellent new single she dropped this week.

“Dragon” — which features the disturbing viral suicide hoax mascot Momo in its cover art — matches a steady groove built from hyperactive drum programming with some dramatic string swells. Against this backdrop, bbymutha goes off, casually flexing for two straight minutes with no need for a hook. Some of the words come so fast and furious that they’re tough to transcribe, but somewhere along the way, she advises potential enemies, “Check your horoscope before you ever try to check for me.” Sounds about right.

Hear “Dragon” below.

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