Watch Eddie Vedder Cover Jason Isbell’s “Maybe It’s Time” From A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper has said he modeled Jackson Maine, his character in A Star Is Born, off of Eddie Vedder — and although Maine’s musical output marks him as more of an Eric Church-style country-rocker, you can certainly see the Pearl Jam frontman’s influence on the way Cooper carries himself in the film. As it happens, when Cooper consulted Vedder about the role, Vedder advised him not to add yet another A Star Is Born remake to the pile. But it seems Vedder must have had a change of heart somewhere along the way.

Vedder closed out the Innings Festival last night in Tempe, and during his headlining performance, he covered one of Cooper’s Jackson Maine songs from the movie. Specifically, it was “Maybe It’s Time,” the folksy ballad penned by Jason Isbell that Maine performs in a drag bar in the early morning hours shortly after meeting Lady Gaga’s Ally. When Vedder begins intoning those first few words in his signature burly baritone, a voice in the audience can be heard exclaiming, “Oh my God!” To be honest, I share that sentiment: This feels like a circle being completed in some way.

Watch Vedder’s “Maybe It’s Time” cover below. While you’re at it, revisit our reviews of A Star Is Born and its soundtrack — which, incidentally, is back at #1 following “Shallow” winning Best Original Song at the Oscars.

Now I really, really want to hear Vedder duet with Gaga on “Shallow.” I don’t know if the chemistry would match that Oscars performance, but their microphones might spontaneously combust from all the vocal power.