Warxgames – “Private Hell,” “Draw The Line,” & “Violent & Depressed”

God bless aging hardcore dudes who occasionally carve out time in their adult-human-being schedules to make ferociously angry music. Warxgames are a band of straight-edge veterans from Baltimore, and members of the band have been in bands like the Pist, Mindset, and Deep Sleep. They don’t make music very often. In 2013, Warxgames crammed nine songs of short, brutal attacks onto a 7″ EP called 9 Trax / No Nightmare. And now, six years later, they’re ready to follow it up with a new nine-song effort called Violent & Depressed. They’ve just shared three of those songs: “Private Hell,” “Draw The Line,” and the title track. Two of them are less than a minute long apiece. All of them rage hard. Listen to them below.

Violent & Depressed is out 5/3 on React! Records.

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