Watch Robyn’s Great “Ever Again” Performance On Colbert

See Robyn live. Right now, Robyn is touring behind Honey, the triumphant comeback album that she released last year. These days, she’s playing the biggest American headlining shows of her career, and they’re drawing rapturous reviews. A few nights ago, Robyn played Madison Square Garden, and the videos of spontaneous post-show subway-platform dance parties have been beautiful things. And while a late-night TV performance is never going to offer the same kind of mass catharsis as a massive arena show, Robyn is pretty great at those, too.

Last month, Robyn performed on Ellen, bringing all the sheer curtains of her arena set into the Ellen studio and singing the absolute hell out of the Honey track “Ever Again.” And on last night’s episode of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, she sang the same song, but she presented it in a very different way.

The Colbert performance isn’t as theatrical as the Ellen one, but it shows just how masterful a performer Robyn is. “Ever Again” is a tender, determined song, and it doesn’t really have any grand, climactic moments. But Robyn found one anyway, and the moment in the Colbert performance where she takes off her jacket — a small gesture that she turns into something enormous — will stick with you. Watch it below.

Honey is out now on Konichiwa/Interscope.