Lydia Ainsworth – “Tell Me I Exist”

Last month, we shared the first single from Lydia Ainsworth’s upcoming album Phantom Forest. “Can You Find Her Place” came accompanied by a funky Renaissance-inspired video, and today, the Toronto-based composer and producer is out with a new song called “Tell Me I Exist.”

“Tell Me I Exist” is a tad darker and seemingly more reflective than the first single. It recalls the eerily cinematic feeling that defined Ainsworth’s last album, 2017’s Darling Of The Afterglow. Tension is at the forefront of “Tell Me I Exist,” and though it relies on a heavy trap-like beat, the strings used on the second half of the song feel deeply melancholic. That contrast hints that there’s something ominous in the air.

Check out “Tell Me I Exist” below.

Phantom Forest is out 5/10. You can pre-order the album here.