Post Malone’s “Wow” Video Stars That Viral Dancing Beardo

Post Malone’s “Wow” Video Stars That Viral Dancing Beardo

By now, the world must behold the glory of Mike Alancourt, a Jacksonville resident with a luxurious, flowing grey beard and an ability to dance like it’s 2001 and he’s the vaguely weird-looking member in the boy band who doesn’t get too many close-ups in the videos. A couple of months ago, the Jacksonville dance studio 1Vibe Dance posted an Instagram video of Alancourt (and a couple of women, who never get mentioned) dancing extremely well to “Wow.,” a kinetic hit non-album single that Post Malone released at the end of last year. That video went mega-viral, and Alancourt was on yesterday’s episode of Ellen. And now the “Wow.” video is out, and Alancourt is all in it.

The “Wow.” video, which according to the credits was “kind of directed” by James DeFina, starts out as a sort of celebrity tour diary for Post Malone. He’s out there rehearsing for the Grammys, touring Europe, playing beer pong backstage, and hanging out with celebrities (DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz, J Balvin, the Red Hot Chili Peppers). But then the video stops, and we see this onscreen: “And then this happened.” And there’s Alancourt, dancing in a beautifully maintained backyard. There’s Alancourt, dancing backstage for a delighted Post Malone and whoever else happens to be back there. There’s Alancourt, dancing onstage behind Post Malone.

It’s all a lot of fun. But: Can someone please clarify the timeline? Because it looks like that video of Alancourt dancing only went up 17 days ago. The Ellen appearance was yesterday. In that Ellen appearance, Alancourt seemed surprised to get a video message from Post Malone, who invited Alancourt out to his “show in Arizona this Sunday.” I know they did not just shoot and edit this whole music video in the last 24 hours. When was that Ellen appearance taped? And for that matter, what’s up with Post Malone’s Arizona show? His touring page doesn’t have any dates until 3/30 at Lollapalooza Argentina. Did he mean to say “my show in Argentina next Saturday”? Is this whole thing a false flag operation? So many questions! Watch the video below.

“Wow.” is out now at the streaming services. It’s good! One more question: Does Mike Alancourt know any other dances? Because you’d think that he’d get tired of doing this one eventually.

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