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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

This week, Spike Jonze, arguably the greatest music-video director of all time, directed Karen O and Danger Mouse’s Colbert performance. This sounds like an absurd and pretentious thing to do, and it probably is exactly that. But Jonze (and everyone else involved) made something vivid and kinetic and memorable out of it. Mostly, it just makes me wish Spike Jonze would get back to directing music videos. He’s not exactly making movies all the time now. Her was almost six years ago. Instead, he’s indulging one goofy project after another. Why can’t any of those goofy projects be music videos? I’m not going to say that the game needs Spike Jonze. The game is doing just fine. But the game is more fun with Spike Jonze around. This week’s picks are below.

5. Angel Du$t – “Five” (Dir. Ruth Barrett)

A tense character-study drama about how easy it is to break the thin layer of societal conditioning that keeps all of us from transforming into giant monsters and knocking over buildings.

4. Post Malone – “Wow.” (Dir. James DeFina)

Nothing enlivens a rote tour-diary video like the sudden arrival of a viral dance-meme star. He really is a legend, at least this week.

3. Pink – “Walk Me Home” (Dir. Michael Gracey)

Pink has been turning her live shows into aerial-yoga flying-trapeze displays for years. So really, it’s amazing that she’s only just now getting around to a music video that’s a Broadway dance routine done with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon wirework. It’s a perfect concept for a Pink video. Too bad about the Lumineers-core song, though.

2. Czarface & Ghostface Killah – “Powers And Stuff” (Dir. Josh Mac)

Superhero origin stories are generally boring. Origin stories about superhero dogs are a whole other thing.

1. Weyes Blood – “Movies” (Dir. Weyes Blood)

This one is gorgeous even when Natalie Mering is just making the argument that going to see sad-mermaid movies is the most depressing thing that a human can do. It jumps up to a whole other level when it turns into the art-film Last Action Hero.