Peggy Gou – “Starry Night”

Last year, Peggy Gou made a big splash with her Once EP, but the Berlin DJ has been bubbling under for the last few years. She doesn’t have many proper songs to her name yet, but the ones she does have are undeniable. Her latest is “Starry Night,” the A-side to an upcoming 12″, which will be released on her own Gudu Records in May.

It finds Gou building up an intoxicating, hypnotic wiggle, which gets more and more dynamic as it goes through its seven minutes. Gou chimes in intermittently, in both English and Korean, with a series of proclamations that sound like shouts across the eons — “work, freedom, listen, now, us!” — but the real draw is that lush backdrop, which makes you want to curl up in it and then spin it out on the dance floor.

Listen below.

The “Starry Night” b/w “Han Pan” 12″ is out 5/3 via Gudu Records. Pre-order it here

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