Pivot Gang – “Studio Ground Rules” Video

A studio is a funny place. It’s a hangout spot, but it’s also a workplace. Rappers spend long hours in the studio, but they’re not partying; they’re working. They’re working even when they’re partying. And because the studio is a place where rappers regularly pull all-nighters, there’s a code of etiquette that tends to go unspoken. But now Pivot Gang have spoken it.

“Studio Ground Rules” is the new track from Pivot Gang, the Chicago rap crew led by the thoughtful, graceful rising star Saba. (Other members include Frsh Waters, MFnMelo, and Saba’s brother Joseph Chilliams.) On “Studio Ground Rules,” they advise listeners of what to do if they happened to get invited to a rap studio: Don’t try to jump in on the video games, don’t try to rap if nobody invites you to rap, don’t bring your stupid friends, “high-key, be low-key.” These are pretty good party rules in general! The video, from director Addison Wright, is — appropriately enough — a low-budget studio-shot affair. Here it is:

Wright also directed Pivot Gang’s recent video for the posse cut “Jason Statham, Pt. 2.” Wright filmed it while the Pivot Gang members were running around outside in Chicago during the polar vortex, like some psychos. Sadly, despite the title, nobody raps in a fake tough-guy British accent. Here’s that video:

So: Pivot Gang album? A Pivot Gang album could be good.