Tortoise’s New Covers Album

Tortoise have collaborated with Superwolf star Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy on The Bold and The Brave, an album of cover songs due out next year. Gorilla Vs. Bear has their version of Elton John’s “Daniel,” and Dreams Of Horses (so many animals in this post!) has Springsteen’s “Thunder Road.” Guitarist Jeff Parker discussed the tunes with Chicago Sun-Times last month:

Just in terms of the way [“Thunder Road”] is constructed, it’s like a movie. I think the version we did is epic in the same way, but it has a downtempo, almost R. Kelly/Isley Brothers kind of feel.

As for the Elton John tune:

There are casual allusions to the harmonic progression. But other than that, it’s just a drone with a stagnant guitar part underneath. It’s pretty haunting and dark.

i.e., not for the faint of post-rock. But recommended. Here’s the full tracklist:

Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Tortoise – The Bold And The Brave [Overcoat, 2006]
Daniel (Elton John)
The Calvary Cross (Richard Thompson)
That’s Pep! (Devo)
It’s Expected I’m Gone (the Minutemen)
Cravo e Canela (Milton Nascimento)
Some Say (I Got Devil) (Melanie)
Pancho (Don Williams)
Love Is Love (Lungfish)
On My Own (Quix*o*tic)
Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen)