Bedouine – “Bird” Video

Bedouine – “Bird” Video

Back in 2017, Azniv Korkejian, the Los Angeles resident who records under the name Bedouine, released a self-titled debut album full of lush, gorgeous, starry-eyed songs. (We made her an Artist To Watch right around then.) Korkejian made the album with help from Matthew E. White’s Spacebomb crew, and that expansive orchestral style turned out to be an ideal match for Korkejian’s thoughtful, inward-directed songs. And now, we’re getting more. Earlier this month, Korkejian released the utterly beautiful new single “When You’re Gone.” And today, she’s announced that she’ll release her sophomore album Bird Songs Of A Killjoy this month.

Korkejian recorded the new album with Gus Seyffert, the Beck/Norah Jones collaborator who also produced Bedouine. The new album also features contributions from star LA session musicians like Joey Waronker and Smokey Hormel, as well as backing vocals from the duo Lucius. And if the first two singles are any indication, this album could be something truly special. After sharing “When You’re Gone,” Korkejian has now dropped a video for “Bird,” a ravishing orchestral-folk song about a breakup, and about the acceptance that eventually arrives after it. It slaps.

In the video, director Tom Salvaggio films Korkejian as she walks down a remote mountain road on an overcast day. For almost the entire video, we only see the one shot of Korkejian walking, with the lyrics appearing in subtitles. At one point, a few people ride horses through the background, and they’re all out of focus. It adds to the dreamy unreality of the scene, which fits the song just fine. Check it out below, along with the Bird Songs Of A Killjoy tracklist.

01 “Under the Night”
02 “Sunshine Sometimes”
03 “When You’re Gone”
04 “One More Time”
05 “Dizzy”
06 “Bird”
07 “Bird Gone Wild”
08 “Hummingbird”
09 “Matters Of The Heart”
10 “Echo Park”
11 “Reprise”
12 “Tall Man”

Bird Songs Of A Killjoy is out 5/31 on Spacebomb Records. Pre-order it here.

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