Pile – “The Soft Hands Of Stephen Miller” Video

Boston-based riot act Pile have released a new, pointedly political song called “The Soft Hands Of Stephen Miller.” The track was shared through Pile frontman Rick Maguire’s Reddit AMA this morning.

Following their last full-length LP, 2017’s A Hairshirt Of Purpose, the bands’s seventh album Green And Gray is expected in May. Last month, Pile dropped lead single “Bruxist Grin,” which shared a more vulnerable side of band’s lyrical range.

“The Soft Hands Of Stephen Miller” expresses the same sort of honesty, but with a tinge of diplomatic rage. The track clocks in at just a little over two minutes, but honestly, that’s all it takes Maguire to communicate his disdain for Miller. It’s an insurgent punky tune; ripe feedback loops underscore the screeching vocals, seeping a sort of hatred that’s all too common these days. The video shared alongside the track features grainy closeup shots of the band as well as Miller giving his infamous hate speeches.

Here’s Maguire with more details on his contempt for the president’s righthand man:

The song is about the advisor to the president. Usually, it’s difficult for me to concentrate much vitriol on one person, especially one I don’t know personally, but Stephen Miller is the exception. I’ve had similar sentiments regarding our president but I can relate to him less than I can Stephen Miller, who is my age. On my better days, the idea of the president just saddens me because I know he’s profoundly confused and damaged beyond repair, but Stephen Miller is a different brand of smug racist. I could imagine him being on my bus in high school, and that, I think, brings to light a different but related set of complicated emotions.

Check out the scathing video for “The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller” below.

Green And Gray is out 5/3 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.