Watch Kit Harington As A Michael Jackson-Turned-Frank Sinatra Impersonator On SNL

Congratulations to the humor scientists at Saturday Night Live. This past weekend, they somehow managed to make a joke out of Leaving Neverland, the profoundly depressing HBO documentary about Michael Jackson and his alleged abuses. Jackson faced child sex-abuse allegations from the early ’90s right up until his death, and lots of people made lots of very bad jokes about it. At this late date, when that documentary is out there telling the extremely disturbing stories of two of his accusers, you might think that the whole thing might be off-limits for comedy. Nope! SNL tried it!

This past weekend, Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington hosted the show. And in one of the sketches, he played a cruise-ship Michael Jackson impersonator who had to, at the last minute, change his act because people don’t want to see Michael Jackson impersonators anymore. So instead, Harrington becomes a Frank Sinatra impersonator, but he doesn’t actually switch up his act in any but the most obvious ways. It might’ve worked a little better if Kit Harrington had made an even vaguely plausible Michael Jackson impersonator. Jon Snow might be able to come back from the dead, and he might be able to take on the armies of the undead, but the whole MJ thing is not within the skillset of the King in the North.

Watch below.