Fleetwood Mac, Who Were Replacing Rolling Stones At Jazz Fest, Also Cancel

It is a bad week to be a classic rock fan with a ticket to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest. First the Rolling Stones cancelled their headlining performance, and now their replacements Fleetwood Mac have cancelled too — both due to health ailments, in case you needed another reminder that the Baby Boomers are getting up there in years.

When news broke last week that the Stones were postponing their April tour dates until July so Mick Jagger could undergo minimally invasive heart surgery, Jazz Fest was forced to find a big-name headliner to replace them. There are not many bands operating on the same scope as the Rolling Stones, but as 2 Chainz might put it, Fleetwood Mac are in the same league even if they don’t ball the same. So booking the Mac to replace the Stones seemed like a good get, all things considered.

Unfortunately, now Fleetwood Mac have also bailed out. Rolling Stone reports that the band has dropped off the Jazz Fest lineup because Stevie Nicks is recovering from the flu. A rep for the band offered this statement: “As an update to previous Fleetwood Mac posts regarding a band member illness, Stevie Nicks has the flu. While she is feeling better already, management has consulted with her doctors and have decided to reschedule the remaining four shows of their North American tour to allow for her full recovery.”

Fleetwood Mac postponed shows in Philly and Boston last week due to Nicks’ illness, which must have befallen her after the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony on 3/29. That night, Nicks was inducted into the Hall as a solo artist after previously being inducted as a member of Fleetwood Mac.

Jazz Fest runs from 4/26 to 5/5, and the twice-vacated headliner slot is the night of 5/2. So the fest still has time to find yet another replacement, but it’s running out fast. Get well soon, Mick and Stevie!