Iceage – “Pain Killer” (Feat. Sky Ferreira) Video

Blessedly, Sky Ferreira is back to releasing music. Last month, Ferreira released “Downhill Lullaby,” her first single in six years. But Ferreira hasn’t been silent since 2013. For instance, last year, she showed up on “Pain Killer,” a song from Iceage’s Beyondless album. (Ferreira and Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt are a couple.) And today, Ferreira and Iceage are both in a new video for “Pain Killer,” which happens to be the trippiest thing you will witness today.

Really, Iceage and Ferreira are only barely in the Mortis Studio-directed “Pain Killer” clip, their involvement limited to a couple of extremely short performance shots where everyone involved is looking all sexily intense. Most of the video is dedicated to telling an extremely bugged-out story about a construction worker getting into a drug habit after an on-the-job injury. There’s nothing weird about that story, but the clip tells it as a hallucinatory mixed-media onslaught, moving from psychedelic animated visions to grimy gore scenes. (There is some truly unpleasant bloody-teeth stuff in there.)

Instagram-famous lady Lili Hayes shot the Iceage/Ferreira performance footage on VHS, and the rest of the video was filmed in Tijuana, San Diego, and Los Angeles. It is a giddy headfuck of a spectacle, and you can watch it below.

Beyondless is out now on Matador.