J Mascis Reschedules Berlin Concert To Attend Neil Young Show

It’s rough when there’s two good shows happening on the same night and you’ve gotta decide which one to go to. I’d imagine it must also suck for artists that are performing — sometimes and maybe even more so — because they don’t have any choice in the matter and have to play no matter what and miss out on the other good show.

Well, that is, unless you’re J Mascis. Today, the Dinosaur Jr. frontman announced on his Facebook page that he would be rescheduling his show in Berlin, which was set for 7/3, because it conflicted with a Neil Young concert on the same day.

“Hey Berlin, we heard Neil Young is playing on July 3rd. Like you, J would love to be at that show, and rather than compete with the Godfather of Grunge, we’re moving the Festsaal Kreuzberg show from July 3 to June 30th,” the post reads. Of course, all the original tickets will be honored at the new date.

The power! Shoutout to this tweet that pointed it out, and all due respect to J Mascis because who wouldn’t want to see Neil Young? This will (hopefully) be treated with a different reception than when Echo And The Bunnymen did the same thing for a soccer match.