Gesaffelstein – “Blast Off” (Feat. Pharrell) Video

Pharrell Williams has a pretty good track record of singing on slick, electro-indebted songs from French dance producers. Last month, he was at it again, singing on “Blast Off,” an absolute banger of a track from the returning Gesaffelstein. And today, Gesaffelstein and Pharrell have dropped a new “Blast Off” video.

Gesaffeslstein just came back with Hyperion, his first album since his 2013 debut Aleph. “Blast Off” is easily the best song on it. Last night, Gesaffelstein, wearing that weird shiny black face-covering thing, played a Coachella set, holding down a prime night-time slot on one of the huge outdoor stages and bringing a crazy light set-up with him. Gesaffelstein opened his set with “Blast Off.” And now the new “Blast Off” video follows his clips for “Reset” and the Weeknd collab “Lost In The Fire.”

Warren Fu directed the video, and it’s exactly as slick as you’d expect. Not a whole lot happens in the video; it’s mostly Pharrell singing while wearing fancy sunglasses and Gesaffelstein making music at some kind of Tron-looking light-board control panel. The big plot twist — spoiler alert — is that Pharrell shoots mysterious glowing rays out of his eyes whenever he takes off those fancy sunglasses. He’s like Cyclops! Watch the video below.

Hyperion is out now on Columbia.