Stream Thin Lips’ New Carrot Milk EP

Philadelphia trio Thin Lips released their sophomore album, Chosen Family, last year and they’ve been on the road pretty much ever since. They’re currently on tour opening for Camp Cope, but they’ve unfortunately run into some van troubles, so they’re releasing a new EP to help raise money for that expense. The three-song Carrot Milk EP is available now to pay-what-you-want over on Bandcamp.

It’s a departure for the group — pared back demos as opposed to the full onslaught that the band usually traffics in — and it’s a nice switch-up. You can sense the monster hooks behind these songs, but they’re a little more subdued, Chrissy Tashjian’s musings about their constant doubt and listlessness buoyed by a more contemplative backing of pittering drum machines and acoustic guitar.

Here’s Chrissy Tashjian with some background on the release:

Carrot milk is very different than anything i’ve ever made before, its essentially a glorified demo that i wrote entirely in my living room, then went over with a fine tooth comb re-tracking and re-amping some things at the headroom, having some amazing friends come lend their voices and then Kyle mixed it. It’s a reflection of the notes that I made throughout this last year titled ‘my closest deaths.’ I started writing these reflections after my gramma died last april and i went to say goodbye to her body before the coroner came to her home to take her to the morgue. This is when i said goodbye to her because i was missing her funeral because i was going on tour. These notes range so many topics but are basically a collection of thoughts and feelings i was facing being a queer woman in a very masculine straight world where most of the people around me didn’t have bodies or genders like mine, and having a really hard time figuring out how to have confidence.This was a deep questioning of my own value system and limits. It’s something i’m still working on all the time, and is such a small blip in the world where people are facing deep oppression and injustice every day, however it is my blip, and thanks for listening

Check it out below and you can but it over here.

The Carrot Milk EP is available now.

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