Stream Otoboke Beaver’s New Album Itekoma Hits

Otoboke Beaver unleashed their relentless punk energy over three albums and various singles and EPs. Last year, we premiered “anata watashi daita ato yome no meshi” 7″. Now, the Kyoto quartet are releasing their fourth full-length, Itekoma Hits.

The album compiles songs from 2016’s Bakuro Book EP, 2017’s Love Is Short EP, and their 2018 single “anata watashi daita ato yome no meshi,” along with seven brand-new tracks. We’ve already heard “Don’t Light My Fire,” “I’m tired of your repeating story,” and the surf-punk album opener “datsu, hikage no onna.”

“Our aim was, if someone were to ask, ‘What should I listen to?’ I want an indecisive person to be able to choose it without hesitation. We named it ‘Hits’ in that sense. ‘itekoma’ means to beat, to hit etc. and I think it suits how we’ve progressed as a band,” vocalist and guitarist Accorinrin explained to Noisey in a statement.

Listen to Itekoma Hits, ahead of its 4/26 release, via Noisey.

Itekoma Hits is out 4/26 via Damnably. Pre-order it here.