Watch Bikini Kill Play Their First Show In 22 Years

Steve Eichner/WireImage

Watch Bikini Kill Play Their First Show In 22 Years

Steve Eichner/WireImage

The great American punk rock band Bikini Kill broke up in 1997, playing their last show that May in Tokyo. In the years that they’ve been away, their legend has only grown. So it was a big deal when they got together. The band briefly reunited in 2017, at the book-release party for my friend Jenn Pelly’s Raincoats book. Earlier this year, they announced that they would play a few reunion shows in New York and Los Angeles. And last night, they played the first of those shows at the Hollywood Palladium. There are videos.

Based on all available evidence, Bikini Kill ripped that motherfucker up last night, blasting through a 27-song, two-encore setlist of old favorites. Kathleen Hanna remains a ridiculously charismatic frontperson, and so does Tobi Vail in the moments when she takes over. The band sounded raw and focused. The crowd, as you might imagine, was all the way jacked up. Even through cell-phone footage, the buzz in the audience when they realize “Rebel Girl” is happening makes for a total goosebump moment. Below, check out a bunch of videos from the show below and the band’s setlist.

“Rebel Girl”:

“New Radio”:

“Double Dare Ya” and “Suck My Left One”:

“Reject All American”:

“I Hate Danger”:

“No Backrub”:

“Hamster Baby”:

“This Is Not A Test:

“Outta Me”:

01 “Carnival”
02 “New Radio”
03 “Jigsaw Youth”
04 “Don’t Need You”
05 “Feels Blind”
06 “I Hate Danger”
07 “In Accordance To Natural Law”
08 “Demi Rep”
09 “Reject All American”
10 “Alien She”
11 “No Backrub”
12 “Sugar”
13 “Hamster Baby”
14 “Tell Me So”
15 “This Is Not A Test”
16 “Capri Pants”
17 “Resist Psychic Death”
18 “Rah! Rah! Replica”
19 “Outta Me”
20 “For Only”
21 “Distinct Complicity”
22 “Magnet”
23 “Rebel Girl”
24 “Lil’ Red”

25 “Double Dare Ya”
26 “Suck My Left One”

Encore 2:
27 “For Tammy Rae”

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