The Sonder Bombs – “I Don’t Have One Anymore” Video

Rachel Malvich

The Sonder Bombs – “I Don’t Have One Anymore” Video

Rachel Malvich

The first thing you hear on the Sonder Bombs’ new single is a quote from Lady Gaga’s Five Foot Two documentary: “My threshold for bullshit from men is… I don’t have one anymore.” The songs that the Cleveland, OH-based band make often have to do with the expectations placed on what it means to be a MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR, as their 2018 debut album put it, and their latest track is no exception. “You could help me/ That’s what they all say/ But I don’t buy it,” Willow Hawks sings in its chorus. “You should fear me.”

The Sonder Bombs are working through it, though: They have the sort of ferociously catchy and inspiring songs that have already garnered them a lot of fans, and it’s clear that they’ll soon have even more. “I Don’t Have One Anymore” crackles with the frustration and defiance of having doors shut in your face and being turned away at every corner, and its hooks come from a fierce place within.

Here’s what Hawks said in a statement about the song:

The first 7 seconds of the track pretty much sums up what this song means to me (love you, Gaga). I’m pretty bored with the same 4-6 dude lineup, writing the same mediocre 12 song record where 11 out of 12 tracks are just complaining about the guy’s ex-girlfriend and then going out on tour with 4 other versions of the same band. I’m bored with being told that the men, not just in the music industry but everywhere, are the ones who can actually make things happen in my career or the ones who hold all the power. I’m bored with men giving more men the real platforms and saying “it just worked out that way.” I don’t really have a threshold for that bullshit anymore.

The track comes with a video, self-directed by the band. Watch and listen below.

05/18 Boone, NC @ Black Cat Burrito
05/19 Virginia Beach, VA @ Lava Barn
05/21 Philadelphia, PA @ Anthorne Gallery
05/22 Akron, OH @ Bless This Mess
05/23 Fort Wayne, IN @ The Brass Rail
05/24 Bowling Green, OH @ The Summit Shack
05/25 Howell, MI @ BLED Fest

“I Don’t Have One Anymore” is out now via Take This To Heart Records, as is last year’s debut MODERN FEMALE ROCKSTAR.

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