Royal Trux Cancel Tour

Royal Trux Cancel Tour

Lo-fi rock pioneers Royal Trux released their first album in 19 years, White Stuff, in March. They were set to go on a North American tour in February, but the tour was postponed because of “some unresolved issues arising from a past arrest” involving Jennifer Herrema. After rescheduling for May, they have now called off the tour entirely. There are currently no new dates planned.

Herrema posted a cryptic message on Facebook today. Stereogum has reached out to Royal Trux’s representation for clarification.

So you wanna know….why? “TRUX BAND” Rehearsal …waiting and on the hunt
few day ago
hit this cover in 15….obv liberties were took
“After the Fox” The Hollies / Peter Sellers

Back when they announced the May dates, Neil Hagerty shared some vague tweets suggesting he might not show up to all of the Royal Trux tour dates and that he was participating reluctantly. He wrote, “i can’t promise i will be at every 1, 1 bad vibe & i have to leave no excuses, read this space for the nuts/bolts chalktalk on the prosaic, never from authority.”

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