Open Mike Eagle – “Woke As Me” (Feat. Phonte) Video

The New Negroes is the brilliant new Comedy Central show that features stand-up bits from Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle. Every episode ends with an original song, featuring OME alongside other rappers. The track from the first episode of The New Negroes was called “Unfiltered” and featured Danny Brown. Last week’s was called “Police Myself” and featured MF Doom. This week’s episode depicts OME and Phonte rap-battling in a barbershop over who’s more woke.

“Woke As Me” is hysterical, as the pair argue over who’s more *sleep* on the facts while getting their fades touched up. OME raps, “I’ve been woke so long I’m hallucinating/ You say you woke, you just pretend to do it/ I’m keeping all my pronouns gender-fluid.” Nearby, comedic duo the Lucas Brothers play a woke Mortal Kombat-style arcade game called Wokken Fighter.

Check out “Woke As Me” below.

The New Negroes airs Fridays at 11PM on Comedy Central.