Martyrdöd – “Pharmacepticon”

Three years ago, the Swedish crust-metal overlords Martyrdöd released their album List, and it fucking ruled. Later this month, they’ll come back with another album called Hexhammaren, and this new one fucking rules, too. If you have any love in your heart for the ways that punk and metal can overlap — thrash, D-beat, Motörhead riffs sped up even faster than Motörhead would play them — then you need to get this thing into your life.

A while back, we posted “Cashless Society,” the new album’s first single. And today, Martyrdöd have also unleashed a four-minute rager called “Pharmacepticon.” The lyrics are all in Swedish, but the title is pretty self-explanatory, and so is the throat-shredding, stomach-bubbling rage that comes across in frontman Mikael Kjellman’s delivery. The song is a little slower and more metal than some of the band’s music, but it doesn’t let up on all-out rage, and it will still knock you around. Check it out below.

Hexhammaren is out 5/10 on Southern Lord.

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