Watch Adam Sandler Perform A Chris Farley Tribute Song On SNL

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Adam Sandler made his hosting debut on last night’s episode. It’s been 24 years since Sandler was on SNL, breaking Dan Aykroyd’s record for most time between being in cast and hosting. At the end of the show, he performed a moving tribute to Chris Farley, who was a member of the SNL cast with Sandler between 1990 and 1995. Farley died in 1997.

Sandler played guitar and sang heartfelt and funny memories about the comedian: “He cartwheeled around the room and slow danced with the cleaning lady. He was a one-man party. You know I’m talking about my man, Chris Farley.”

The episode also included guest appearances from Chris Rock, Kristen Wiig, and Jimmy Fallon. Musical guest Shawn Mendes acted in the “Sandler family reunion” sketch.

Watch Sandler’s Chris Farley tribute below.