Pixx – “Andean Condor” Video

Pixx – “Andean Condor” Video

Pixx is the chamelonic project of British artist Hannah Rodgers. She’s gearing up to release her 4AD sophomore full-length Small Mercies soon, which follows up her debut The Age Of Anxiety. For the new record, she’s shared some singles that all feel like different personas–“Bitch” is a slice of carefree garage rock, “Disgrace” feels frenetic and new wave-y. Her newest track delves into cheeky synth pop.

The Alice Clingan-directed video for “Andean Condor” makes some bold style choices. We find Rodgers dressed in Elizabethan garb dancing astride a couple of shirtless male desk drones in a tropical-looking office space. Her lyrics cement her as fully in command of a fling she’s caught up in. “Dance for me boy/ Give me a twirl,” she sings. “I want to get to know you/ but I probably won’t blow you.”

Rodgers expands on the song in a press release:

This song is written about the link between wo/mankind and nature. It is important to recognise how many times women have to face the absurdity of male hierarchy in our modern world. Having had endless conversations with (certain) men who justify the inequality of the sexes by comparing themselves to animals, I thought what better way to help them than to remind those men that they are supposed to be human, with emotional capability and growth.

Watch “Andean Condor” below.

1 “Andean Condor”
2 “Bitch”
3 “Disgrace”
4 “Small Mercies”
5 “Peanuts Grow Underground”
6 “Funsize”
7 “Dirt interlude pt. 1”
8 “Mary Magdalene”
9 “Hysterical”
10 “Eruption 24”
11 “Dirt interlude pt. 2”
12 “Duck Out”
13 “Blowfish”

Small Mercies is out 6/7 on 4AD. Pre-order it here.

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