The Voidz – “Permanent High School” Video

The Voidz – “Permanent High School” Video

Last year, the Voidz, Julian Casablancas’ non-Strokes band, came out with their Virtue album. Right around that same time — more than a year ago now — the Voidz came out with their video for the Virtue single “Pyramid Of Bones.” A while ago the band shot a video for “Permanent High School,” another song from that same album. The showed it at a Voidz pop-up shop months ago, as someone on Reddit pointed out back then. And for whatever reason, that “Permanent High School” video is only just making it to the internet today.

The video has a couple of big guest stars: Suki Waterhouse, the supermodel who also stars in the new movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu, and Theodora Richards, the supermodel who is also the daughter of Keith Richards. There’s a plotline, but it’s a little confusing. The Voidz are going to play a show, and Waterhouse and Richards ride with them in their old-school painted-up stoner van. But when the Voidz go to the show, Waterhouse and Richards can’t get in; someone has to sneak them in the back way. And then Waterhouse turns out to be the type of over-enthusiastic fan who jumps onstage with the band and wrenches the singer’s mic away from him. Whatever! Sure!

Hala Matar directed the video, keeping the band’s grainy-neon ’80s-VHS aesthetic fully intact. And while you might annoy yourself trying to make sense of the storyline, there’s plenty of sloppy, druggy charisma on display. Check it out below.

Virtue is out now on RCA.

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