Summer Camp – “Love Of My Life” & “Danny And John”

Summer Camp – “Love Of My Life” & “Danny And John”

Summer Camp have been quiet for the last few years, but the (now-married) British duo are prepping a new album, Romantic Comedy, which is a companion piece to a project that was part of the reason why they were gone for so long. Elizabeth Sankey, one-half of the group, has directed a documentary with the same name, a visual essay about the impact of romantic comedies in the vein of Charlie Lyne’s 2014 film Beyond Clueless, which Summer Camp did the score for.

Romantic Comedy has screened at South By Southwest and the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and next month it’ll be premiering in the UK at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival, where Summer Camp will also perform the score to it.

The album portion of Romantic Comedy, which includes songs inspired by and featured in the movie, is forthcoming, and today Summer Camp are releasing two tracks from it as a double A-side single, their first new songs since their 2015 album Bad Love. “Love Of My Life” and “Danny And John” are both gooey and warm and fit the theme well.

Listen to them below.

And here’s a trailer for Romantic Comedy:

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