Watch Kevin Morby Make His TV Debut On The Just-Cancelled Busy Tonight

Last week, the E! network announced that it was cancelling Busy Tonight, the late-night talk show hosted by the extremely charming actor and Instagram star Busy Philipps. That’s too bad! Busy Tonight will air its final episode next week, but it’s going out strong. Philipps, a boss forever because she played Kim on Freaks & Geeks, is a big indie rock fan who posts a lot of the stuff she likes on her Instagram, and she gave some time last night’s show to Kevin Morby, who just released the new double album Oh My God. It was Morby’s first-ever TV appearance.

The banter between Philipps and Morby before the performance was a lot of fun, and not the sort of rote thing we see on most late-night shows. (Hell, on most late-night shows, the musicians never get to say a word.) Best line: “A real teen idol, this one.” Philipps also said that she was going to Morby’s tour opener in LA later that night, which is the sort of thing that late-night hosts never say or do. (Busy Tonight is looking for a new network, and I hope it gets one.)

Philipps’ studio wasn’t really set up for a whole musical performance, so Morby didn’t have his whole band with him. Instead, he played “Congratulations,” one of the songs from the new album, with only his guitar and a saxophonist backing him up. This turned out to be a pretty good arrangement! Watch the quick interview and the performance below.

Oh My God is out now on Dead Oceans.